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Chord dan Lirik Lagu Blue Jeans MP3 Gangga Kusuma Dilengkapi Video YouTube

Simak, chord gitar Blue Jeans dinyanyikan Gangga Kusuma. Dan juga, lirik lagu Blue Jeans dan video Blue Jeans.

Simak, lirik lagu, chord gitar, serta video Blue Jeans MP3 yang dinyanyikan Gangga Kusuma. 

TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID – Simak, chord gitar Blue Jeans dinyanyikan Gangga Kusuma.

Simak juga, lirik lagu Blue Jeans dan video Blue Jeans.

Dengarkan, lagu Blue Jeans MP3 di aplikasi YouTube Music di bawah ini.

streaming lagu Blue Jeans

Berikut, lirik Blue Jeans serta chord Blue Jeans dalam Gangga Kusuma MP3.

G                 D            Em   Dm
Calling you late at night
C                         G
Talking bout nothin'
C                               D
But we’re always laughing

G                            D
These dumb conversations
Em                            Dm
They raise my affections
C                                 G
Those were the good times
Am                              D
And i miss the old times

C                       Bm
Have i told you lately
Am                       D
That i miss you badly

G                     D
Sometimes i wish
Em                     Dm              C    G
That i could still call you mine
Am                    D
Still call you mine
G                       D
Now all i’ve got is
Em                                 Dm
The stain on my blue jeans
C                          Bm
The only way i could
Am                       D                     G
Remember that you were once mine

G                       D           Em     Dm
Your voice were lullabies
C                       G
I would be list’nin’
C                       D
Till i was sleeping
G                       D
But our situations
Em                   Dm
It stopped our relations
C                        Bm
Why did we end it?
Am                 D
Don’t want to believe it

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